Algaecide & Biocide

Non-oxidizing Biocide

Bellacide® is the most effective algaecide and biocide to solve a wide range of microbiological and algae problems that found in many different water treatment processes.

  Bellacide® - Aqueous dispersion of terbutylazine
- Phosphonium chloride 

Oxidizing Biocide

BromiCide® & LiquiBrom® are both bromine release agents which have been developed for the control of bacteria, fungi and algae in industrial water systems. Both products provide effective microbiological control over a wide pH range without the need for high free halogen residuals. Therefore less product is needed at less expenses.

 Bromicide® Bromochloro dimethyl hydantoin (BCDMH) 
 LiquiBrom® Sodium bromide 

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