Dispersing Agents

Dispersing agents are used to facilitate and stabilize the dispersion of solid compounding materials such as fillers or pigments in a polymeric (or a liquid resin) matrix. Better dispersion leads to better processability and improved material properties. In our range, we have Silane from Momentive Performance Material and Solplus® from Lubrizol Advanced Materials.

During masterbatch production, the use of Solplus® or Silquest® treated pigments allows higher pigment loadings or higher production rates. The use of silane as dispersing agent provides significant performances and cost advantages.

  • Silquest PA-1
  • Solplus DP-310
  • Solplus D510
  • Solplus D520
  • Solplus D540
  • Solplus D550
  • Solplus R700
  • Solpsperse 21000