The choice of antioxidant to be used at each stage of the polymer life cycle will depend on factors such as compatibility, color, thermal stability, volatility, and stabilizer efficiency.
Chemtura offer a wide range of Antioxidant based on Hindered Phenol, Phosphite and Hindered Amine.

  • Primary Antioxidant
    • Hindered Phenol
      • Anox 20
      • Anox PP18s
  • Secondary Antioxidant
    • Phosphite / Phosphonite
      • Alkanox 240
      • Ultranox 626 & Ultranox 626A
    • Hindered Amine
      • Lowilite 62
      • Lowilite 77
      • Lowilite 94

Antioxidants can incorporate into the polymer to prevent degradation during processing and protect against oxidation after processing.