Hygiene is an important concern in today┬┤s society, and safe protection of everyday products, in hospitals, public places and home. Bacteria and fungi attack the surface of plastics, rubber and synthetic fibers and can result in:

  • Discoloration
  • Staining
  • Odor development
  • Cross contamination
  • Loss of mechanical properties.

Antimicrobials can help protect plastics from above issues and it impact on the comfort and health image desired by end-users. Optimal tech offer a product based on OBPA from Wintech Sythetic.

  • Polyzene SF-1 in EVA carrier.n
  • Polyzene LF-5-2 & Polyzene LF-5-5 in several carrier base i.e. DOP, DINP, EPO, MIBK.g