Low Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid

The thermal fluid systems utilizing Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol based heat transfer fluids are used in industries as diverse as beverage industries, vapor recovery unit, HVAC industries and more.

Water cannot generally used below 0oC, and plain ethylene and propylene glycol can use below 0oC until -50oC but which would be corrosion later in the heat exchanger system.

  • Dowtherm SR-1 is Ethylene Glycol in Fluorescent Pink color to provide freeze, burst and corrosion protection.
  • Dowtherm 4000 is Ethylene Glycol in Fluorescent Orange color to provide freeze, burst, thermal stability and corrosion protection in non food industry.
  • Dowfrost is Propylene Glycol in water white color to cool, freeze and burst protection of pipe and help prevent corrosion in food industries.
  • Dowfrost HD is propylene Glycol in bright yellow color to provide freeze, burst, corrosion protection.