Dispersing and Wetting Agent

More than 100 of available chemistries of dispersing and wetting agent from Clariant, enable us to deliver the best solution to our customers to improve the coating formulation and manufacturing of paint and pigment preparation.

Many series of products represent in the market under trade name :

  • Dispersogen
  • Emulsogen
  • Genapol
  • Arkopal
  • Hostaphat
  • Hostapal
  • Polyglycol
  • Dispersing agents for waterborne & solvent base coatings
  • Wetting agents for waterborne coating
  • Alkyl Ethoxylates as replacements for Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylates
  • Anionic dispersing agents for water-borne pigment preparations
  • Nonionic dispersing agents for water-borne pigment preparations
  • Stabilizer for Potassium Silicate Paint
  • Dispersing agents for solvent-borne pigment dispersion
  • Dispersing aids for pigment preparations
  • Humectants and Retention Agents for Pigment Preparation