Silane Crosslinker & Adhesion Promoter

The unique ability of silane as coupling agents, cross linking agents, and adhesion promoter has been proven in the increasing number of applications, ranging from coating, ink, adhesive, sealant, fiberglass reinforced composites, filler treatment, polymer modification, rubber and elastomer. We offer our customer the long year established Silane brand; “Silquest” from Momentive Performance Material.

  • Silquest Methacryloxy Silanes
  • Silquest Uredio Silanes
  • Silquest Amino Silanes
  • Silquest Epoxy Silanes
  • Silquest Isocyanato Silanes
  • Silquest Ester Silanes
  • Silquest Vinyl Silane
  • Silquest Sulfur Silanes