Polyurethane Dispersion

The latest trend to shift from Solvent borne to Waterborne coating has become an alert issue throughout the world. Paint producers are looking for good quality polyurethane dispersion for their development project.

We offer Esacote, product from Lamberti S.p.A.; the excellent European source of polyurethane dispersion.

Esacote Series :  Polyester-Polyether base
Esacote Series :  Acrylic copolymer base

We also provide crosslinker and auxiliary additives.

Catalyst Series : Poly-aziridine derivatives
Fissativo Series : Water dispersible Polyisocyanate


paints for wood - frame, furniture, parquet

adhesives in shoes sector, wood, bags, foams and interior decorations.

furnishing, wear, shoes, bags

oil and water treatment, resistance anti-stain